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Baroque serving dish suitable for several purposes; the Raffaellesco decoration enhances its inlaid finishings. 
Handpainted centrepiece with three handles, Raffaellesco decoration. Suitable for several uses: ornamental, fruit bowl, tray for knickknacks. Its shape makes this piece perfect in any context, especially with wooden...
Biscuit jar with Rinascimento decoration. Perfect to store your biscuits, sweets or chocolates, or just to be used as a centrepiece, matching perfectly any classi furnishing style. 
Modern centrepiece with elegant Blue Baroque decoration. It adds a particular flavour to both classic and modern furnishing. 
Biscuit jar with Rinascimento decoration. Perfect to store your biscuits, sweets or chocolates; beautiful centrepiece, it is just perfect with a classical furnishing style. 
Oval Sim serving dish with Raffaellesco decoration; extremely richely decorated, it is an elegant centrepiece that can be used also as serving dish. 
Beautiful rectangular storing box to put jewels and bijoux. Spacious yet minimal, it is perfectly modern in every context. 
Beautiful square storing box to store your jewels or fragile things. Neat lines and modern shape. 
An original ceramic bag to place pens or toothbrushes. Delicate and elegant decoration Raffaellesco style. 
Herbal tea set made of cup, filter and lid. Traditional Raffaellesco decoration.
Decorated water jug. Excellent also to decant your wine before drinking it. 
Rectangular risotto dish with Baroque handles; Raffaellesco decoration on ivory enamel, suitable for kitchen use or just as house decoration. 
Scalloped serving dish for starters, meat or fish preparations. Adds elegance to your tableware with its Raffaellesco decoration. 
Round buscuit jar with Raffaellesco typical decoration. 
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