About us

La ceramica d’eccellenza made in Deruta

Founded in 1990, Paolo Ceramiche has always been based within the heart of the ceramic district of the city of Deruta, a Mediaeval village in Umbria with a long artistic tradition, where everything is about ceramic.

Over the years, the company has changed and evolved, it has grown thanks to the inspiration and experience of the Maestro d’Arte Paolo Preziotti, whose handcrafted work always stands out for its originality and innovation.
References to the iconic decorations of the Deruta tradition are always recalled in his works, such as the Raffaellesco and Ricco Deruta; these are cornerstones of a prolific production which, in recent years, has seen also the realisation of modern pieces. Sure enough, the Maestro has been able to interpret and anticipate the modern taste of new generations.

And since Art is even better when shared, our laboratory is open to ceramic courses for all enthusiasts, with each and every level of expertise. Under the careful guidance of our art masters, you will be able to discover the secrets of this ancient but always extremely fascinating profession.